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BAECL Mission

Transform the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry by building a project culture that fosters respect and trust through collaborative learning and experimentation.
ABX 2019 - OAEC-PLL-slide13.jpg

The above slide is an excerpt from our ABX 2019 presentation.​

In March 2020 the BAECL team recognized that the COVID crisis added new and significant challenges to our industry, and we offered support to healthcare leaders to aid their efforts in pandemic response. To guide our efforts, BAECL adopted the following immediate goal within our broader purpose:


We will capture, curate, and share knowledge and education about user needs, regulatory, design, supply chain, and construction alternatives and proposals for improving the ability of healthcare organizations to meet the challenges created by COVID-19 and beyond.       

It became apparent that many healthcare leaders did not have the bandwidth to consider our offer of support. As a result, we are reorganizing our efforts to facilitate peer learning among other critical groups that are dealing with the facilities aspects of pandemic response.

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